Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016

Interview with Teza Sumendra

Hello, Teza. Have a sit, please.

Ya, thank you. Let's start your interview haha

Ok, Teza as we know you are a star and have many girls fan. Did you dream about it ?

No, I never dream about it. I only love to sing, playing saxophone and
I tried to follow the event Indonesian Idol. This is such a gift from God to me.

What did you do after Indonesian Idol ?

I was preparing a new debut album because this is a media for me to introduce myself to people who don't know me

What the theme of your album ?

Certainly about love hahaha

By the way. For the singer, the voice is a main capital for producing works and they will choose what foods they should eat. What about you ?

Ya, I know it but that is not for me. I eat all the food and I love kebuli rice so much.

Hahaha that is so delicious, right ? And, Teza what is your activity in this year ?

Ya, very delicious!! I am busy with my off air show.

Oh, sounds good. Ok, Teza thank you for coming. God bless you.

Ah thank you for having me :)

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