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The unique cave in Central Java

Early 2016, my father invited me, my mother, my sister and my brother to went to Tegal, Central Java.  According to an article I have ever read, Central Java is one of the provinces in Java, which has a lot of  attractions in each city, like Tegal, Pemalang and other. I know about it but i do not know about the attractions in Tegal or other and I think many people do not know about it too hahaha yap, I do not want to be alone :')

Because that is a spare to me so not I accepted the invitation of my father? and finally we went to Tegal. Travel time from Bekasi to Tegal about 6 hours because a lot of rest hahaha my father always sleepy when he was driving. Maybe only 4 or 5 hours if I have not a lot of rest. Arrived in Tegal, we met the families who live there and they invited us to look around the attractions in Tegal and others. Like a Guci Hot Water in Guci - Tegal, The Monkey Park in Pemalang and Lawa Cave in Purbalingga.

Lawa Cave is the most interesting and unique place. The distance is about 25 km to the north of the city Purbalingga. The length of the cave reaches 1.5 km and 5 km wide it becomes more noticeable unique because its formation process occurs as a result of freezing and cooling lava. Furthermore, these dried lava turned hard, do not contain lime and without generating stalagmites and stalactites as well as the cave that is in limestone or on the hillside.

The place is located at an altitude ofabout 900 meters above sea level and at Slamet Mountain make the atmosphere in the region Lawa Cave feels so cool. We will see bats flying around freely because Lawa Cave are still very natural and moist. My brother is very happy to be there and he always give questions to tourguide in Lawa Cave.

Tickets to the cave is IDR 6.000,00. To get to the cave complex also need a bit of struggle because we are required to down a hole in the ground before they scour the alleys stretching down to the bowels of the earth. And the first attraction we can see is a clown character named Semar. These stones formed naturally without going through the stage of sculpting and a shape similar to Semar that makes a lot of people call it the Semar Stone.

If you want to visit Lawa Cave, you also have to be prepared for bring other clothes because when scour the caves, your body will be wet as result of flowing water droplets coming from the roof of the cave and it is so brrrrrr~ well, once satiesfied to see the natural beauty of Lawa Cave, while out you can also visit the stalls selling souvenirs or fruits typical of Purbalingga such as strawberries, avocado and pineapple and me bought some strawberies hehe happy holiday :3

resources : our tourguide
pictures : by me

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  1. Wuih tempatnya asik dan keren nih. Ah, baca tulisan orang tentang liburan jadi pengen liburan juga kan ah, cape kuliah mulu. I NEED HOLIDAY hahaha :D

  2. tempatnya keren tuh apalagi kalo foto2 di gerbang yang ada kelelawar itu. B|

  3. duuuh jadi ingin pikniiik. liburan ini kurang piknik euy.

  4. Menarik banget guanya, apalagi yg semar itu. Agak spooky tapi fun bgt yah. Jadi pengen jalan2 jg! Hihi

  5. Waaah di tegal ada gua seperti ini thoo.. entah kenapa meskipun unik aku selalu takut berada dalam gua, kecuali gua pindul hihi

  6. ini fotonya kecil-kecil jadi kurang bercerita menurut aku. next time fotonya yang besar aja ya. hehee